Friday, August 22, 2008

Ideas for Food and Beverage Promotions

Are you in the Food and Beverage Industry and can you share your great and creative idea for your resaurant business , please email to me to download into my blog .

I have a couple of great ideas that you may want to work on and tell me how it goes .

1) In Singapore , there is a food term called " TUNCH " which literally means a combination of BRUNCH and LUNCH = TUNCH . After a few months of promotions , people began to accept this word as half brunch and half lunch . It just sell itself especially for the weekends high tea crowd .

2) Many years back in a lounge , there was this beverage promotions where customers were encourage to mix their own cocktail drink with guide from a barman on duty . A special bar counter table ( next to the bar counter ) was set up . When a customer ordered a cocktail , he was given a recipe to mix his own choice of cocktail . The ingredients are available on this special table .
Many press write-ups were received and customers were happy as they learn how to to fix their own cocktail drinks at home too .

3 ) Having a poor weekends business in your restaurant , well start a weekend Champagne TUNCH with free flow of champagne and soft drink for children . But work out your cost first . People who drink alot can't eat and people who eat alot can't drink too much . Also in every country , there is a Drink and Drive Rule too , So it is quite save to organise this promotion and don't forget to get your beverage suppliers to sponsor some costs for this Food and Beverage Promotions .

Happy promtions ! And Cheers .

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