Saturday, November 22, 2008

Food Recipe

Spaghetti with Fried Fish Soup
This dish is particularly good for Asians who need something hot and fragrant for the cold weather .
Recipe serving 4 persons
100 gm ( per person )of any fillet of fish , seasoned , flour and grilled till crispy .
80 to 100gm( per person) spaghetti , boiled till cooked ,
Lettuce leaves , thickly cut
Sprinkle the following herbs before serving
A mixture of Fresh Chopped Dill ,50 to 80gm roughly chopped
Basil leaves ( whole ),
Mint leaves ( whole ).
Fresh Coriander Leaves
Spring onion cut in 2 - 3 cm length

Fish Stock
Boil fish bones , fish head in stock pot with whole onion , carrots , bay leaves , celery , white carrot if available .
Reduce stock to double boil
Add seasoning

Boil spaghetti and drained dry and place in a big soup bowl
Add fish stock
Add a couple of dessert spoon of cream , mix well
Place prepared fish on top of spaghetti
Add some lettuce on one side of soup bowl of spaghetti
Sprinkle herbs on top generously before serving
Serves Sliced Red chilles with light soya sauce as dip for the spaghetti or fish .

Also serve lime juice in sauce boat for customers to add lime juice to the soup )
Serve extra fresh basil leaves and whole lettuce in a bread basket as accompaniment ) .

( use thick white laksa noodle if available - this noodle is similar to spaghetti but white in colour and made from rice flour )

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Popular Fried Rice - Yong Chow Fried Rice

A top tourist favourite rice dish .

Ingredients :-
8 cups Fragrant Thai Rice
2 Eggs beaten with seasoning
200 gm Prawns ( diced to pea-size )
250 gm Chinese BBQ Pork ( diced to pea-size)
50gm Chinese Sausage ( diced to pea-size)
2 stalk Spring onion ( diced )
Lettuce shredded for decoration
Olive or Vegetable Oil for frying

Seasoning Ingredients :-
1 tablespoon of Soya Sauce
Salt and Pepper
2 teaspoon of Sesame oil
Half teaspoon of fine sugar

1) Heat oil in a pan and fry beaten egg till scramble . Remove .
2) Heat oil and fry BBQ Pork , Chinese Sausage and Prawn till cooked (Use chicken if required).
3) Add cooked rice and stir into the fried meat for 3 - 5 minutes .
4) Till rice is fragrant ( we said fry till rice has the wok burnt smell -only slightly ).
5) Return the eggs and mix into the rice . Add spring Onion , seasoning .
6) Toss and stir well .
7) Serve on a platter and sprkle letuce on top as decoration .
8) Estimate time 10 to 15 minutes

Good Luck .

Do you have any recipe to share ?

Please contribute too .

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Food Recipe

Hi all !
For a favourie Singapore dish called the Singapore Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice or in short Chicken Rice . The dish is sold in all hotels' Coffee Houses , many restaurants , Air-con Food Courts and all Hawkers' Centres .
Prices here ranges from S$2.00 nettin Hawkers' Centres to Hotels with prices from over $10.00+++ to S$23.50+++ .
Ingredients :
1.5 or Whole Chicken with head and feet -marinate in dark soya sauce , oil , salt & pepper for half hour .
Boil Whole Chicken in Chicken stock with one whole carrots, one whole onion , Lemon Grass till just cook ( not to overcook ; remove internal organs , ) .
Boil Rice with rich Chicken Stock , 2 Pandanus Leaves , whole crushed Ginger ( 20 gm size ), 10 Crushed Garlic , one stick Lemongrass , Chicken fats & skins , 4-6 shallots sliced , 1 teaspoon sesame oil . Cook till rice is quite dry . Better to use Thai Fragrant Rice ( sufficient for 6 pax ) .

After cooked , chop with bones and serve them hot ( donot cook early and re-boil the chicken ).
Decorate with spring onion and Chinese parsleys .Sprinkle sesame oiland light soya sauce Mix on chicken before serving it.
Remove all herbs , fats and skin from rice .

Sauce dips:
First Dip : Prepare and pound or crushed in blender Red Chilli ( use big ones as it is not too hot and spicy) ;
2nd Dip: Prepare ginger - pound or crushed them in blender
3rd. Dip : Dark Soya Sauce

When you guests are about to eat the chicken , first dip in Crushed Ginger , then just a little touch on the Dark Soya Sauce and then into the Crushed Chilli Sauce or eat according to their taste and enjoyment .

Do you have any recipe to share with other chefs and hoteliers .

Thank you .

So enjoy .

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Found Restaurant with Alfresco Dining

Hi All !
Time Flies !
Just been to a new restaurant at the new ViVoCity Centre , which is facing the up and coming Sentosa Integrated Resort & Casino - a first in Singapore . The restaurant is at #01-98/99 and facing the sea between mainland Singapore and the Sentosa Island . Food is good and well presented . Staff is friendly - a rare breed in the service industry nowadays . Email for enquiry at Have fun and good luck ! Cheers .

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Food and Beverage Promotions

Hi Fellow F&B Managers / Directors ,
Wherever you are in this earth , so long as you are in a hotel industry - I can help you to arrange Asian Food Promotions for you eg. Thai Food Promotions , Vietnamese Food Promotions , Singapore or Malaysian Food Promotions or Indonesian Food Promotions , Philippines Food too ,etc.
All you have to do is to email me and I will forward it to my contact in these countries and you can deal directly with them after that regarding number of chefs you required , menu , payment or allowances for the chefs , accommodation , etc.
I do not gain or benefit anything except to help you to organise a successful food promotion in your hotel .

And if you have any problem in regard Food and Beverage business , I can also help you by giving you ideas and helping to write any report or research into any matters on Food and Beverage .

My background is mostly in Food and Beverage department and also in hotel management level too .

Now , I am a trader and taking things easy .

Ok ?

Best wishes to all and many regards ,

A friend in the Food and Beverage Industry .
My email :

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cooking Demonstrations for your Food and Beverage Promotions

Now is 10.00 an Singapore time .

How to increase your restaurant business is to conduct cooking classes for your guests ?
You can select some of the popular dishes from your coffee house menu and the following week to select some dishes for demonstration from your other outlets .

Very important is to start keeping email addresses from all your outlets and followup with email blasting with your Food and Beverage promotions .
How to collect email addresses ?
You can arrange monthly lucky draw prizes with prizes sponsor from various suppliers or do print Guest Comment cards and do lucky draws using the email address provided by the guests .

Do you have any good promotions in your outlets ? I can give free publicity through my web blog at

Ideas for Food and Beverage Promotions

Are you in the Food and Beverage Industry and can you share your great and creative idea for your resaurant business , please email to me to download into my blog .

I have a couple of great ideas that you may want to work on and tell me how it goes .

1) In Singapore , there is a food term called " TUNCH " which literally means a combination of BRUNCH and LUNCH = TUNCH . After a few months of promotions , people began to accept this word as half brunch and half lunch . It just sell itself especially for the weekends high tea crowd .

2) Many years back in a lounge , there was this beverage promotions where customers were encourage to mix their own cocktail drink with guide from a barman on duty . A special bar counter table ( next to the bar counter ) was set up . When a customer ordered a cocktail , he was given a recipe to mix his own choice of cocktail . The ingredients are available on this special table .
Many press write-ups were received and customers were happy as they learn how to to fix their own cocktail drinks at home too .

3 ) Having a poor weekends business in your restaurant , well start a weekend Champagne TUNCH with free flow of champagne and soft drink for children . But work out your cost first . People who drink alot can't eat and people who eat alot can't drink too much . Also in every country , there is a Drink and Drive Rule too , So it is quite save to organise this promotion and don't forget to get your beverage suppliers to sponsor some costs for this Food and Beverage Promotions .

Happy promtions ! And Cheers .